Ever wondered what happens when you die? When drug addict Josephine Williams soul wakes, she undergoes an abrupt reality check. Tormented by her sudden death, she faces the consequences of freewill and must reflect on the impact of her choices. Tainted due to her recent lifestyle, Josephine battles to seek spiritual growth as she embarks on the path to self-actualization. Guided by the Four Noble Truths, will she progress to discover earthly demise is not what she imagined?  


Story is in working progress, happy for feedback on the blurb.

Writing Masterclass: Show Vs Tell

Originally posted on ROAM:
Last week we looked at character archetypes (If you missed it you can check it out here). This week I would like to look at exposition and description and how best to avoid lengthy paragraphs that drone on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

Fed up of reading your story? Microsoft Word can help.

Go to ‘File’; select ‘Options’.  Click ‘Quick Access Toolbar’, on the dropdown menu select, ‘All Commands’, scroll down to ‘Speak’, select, click add to move it across. The icon will be visible in the left hand corner of your Word document. Highlight the text you want to read, click the speak icon, put your headphones… Continue reading Fed up of reading your story? Microsoft Word can help.

Blood Ties

Millionaire Reginald craves respect. Whilst on honeymoon his wife goes missing, frantic he commits murder. When the identity of the victim is uncovered, this leads to political instability. Can he cope with the outcome of his actions or will past deeds consume him?3D-Book-Blood Ties

Coming Soon